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Jun 23rd

How to Unban Your Xbox LIVE Account That is Banned Until 12

How to Unban Your Xbox LIVE Account That is Banned Until 12/31/9999 by Tricking Microsoft Banning System

There was a huge ban wave recently on Xbox Live. In the unfortunate event that you decided to do something against Microsoft policy, and have consequently gotten yourself banned from Xbox Live, you may have come to the realization that doing whatever got you banned from Xbox Live in the first place was not worth the risk.

If you pay for any of the extra services to use with Live, you will be in an even worse predicament. Who wants to waste the 8 bucks a month on Netflix and Hulu if you can’t even use the service to its fullest extent? Some of the services are only available to stream in HD over XBL, so if you want to use them on your computer, you will be missing out on the full
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In this Null Byte, I’m going to show you how we can exploit the Microsoft ban system and get our accounts unbanned. This won’t work for everyone, but it will work for most people. You just need a few things.

RequirementsA non privated XBL account OR

An XBL account with a plethora of friendsFriends that will do you a kind favor

Step 1 Change Your XBL AccountFirst, we need to log into our XBL account from the website and get everything ready. You can get creative if you want.

Step 2 Form Your ArmyNow we need to get our group of buddies to help us out in a last ditch effort to restore our account. In order for this to work, we must have our friends all gang up and report our account for foul language.

After enough people reporting you, the bot that controls short term bans on Xbox Live will ban your account for just a few short
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Here is my account back in working order:

I can vouch that it has worked for more than just myself, but I’ve also heard that it doesn’t work for some users. The issue is likely from Microsoft’s end, so if you don’t get your account back, I feel terrible for you and wish you the best of luck in resolving this.

As a last resort, you can always try to social engineer someone over the phone, and play dumb. You can also call and ask "Is the reason I am banned beause my DVD drive is broken?" because MS falsely bans quite often for uses with a malfunctioning DVD tray.

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Alright, this is my first post here so be gentle, also I would not have posted except people recently posted and others might not be posted but still be interested. As someone who is very good at social engineering, and essentially manipulation I have a suggestion. Since people seem to be having issues with the original exploit and as the original poster said XBL has a lot of false positives for bad dvd trays, here is a suggestion:

When you call, do not suggest that you have a bad dvd drive. No one (except a complete idiot) is going to fall for that. They’ve heard it a million and 3 times. So instead, you bait them into assuming the dvd drive is bad.

First you complain (complain nicely), then you act super frustrated, as the call goes on and they continue to try and help you resolve the issue (this is why you complain nicely) you try things, you try and come up with ideas. Eventually, you’re going to say something to the extent of, "Ugh, this is why I should have purchased a Wii or a PS3, first my dvd tray starts sticking and causing problems, THEN I get banned from XBL for NO REASON!" At this point you should sound slightly angry, but not like "OH MAN THIS IS SO YOUR FAULT I HOPE YOU DIE!" angry.

The employee will more than likely hear the queue, they KNOW the system bans for DVD drive issues, and they will come to the conclusion on their own.

Through coached deductive reasoning:

Hmmm this customer seems reasonably upset, but isn’t a jerk. This customer is trying REALLY hard to figure out and resolve the issue. This customer’s issue REALLY started when the dvd tray had some issues, but the customer didn’t BLAME the dvd tray? This customer’s DVD tray probably flagged them, I should unban them and make the company look good. Unbanned! Good luck and sorry for the long rant.

For the most part, Xbox Live is amazing, but there is one thing that has been annoying for pretty much everyone, to say the least. Microsoft Points.

Why do we have purchase points with real money, just so we can be confused at how much money we really spending when we download games and movies with those points?

Well, Say Goodbye to the Xbox One was revealed, Microsoft also announced the removal of the confusing MS Points system in lieu of real currency, which will be available to everyone this fall. But if you don want to wait, you don have to. The beta program for the new.

This video tutorial is in the Video Games category which will show you how to unban your Xbox 350 live account. For this you will need the eXen card and the eXen Neox card with the USB cable. Turn off your Xbox and plug in the eXen card in to the front of the Xbox with the USB. Turn on the Xbox by pressing and holding the red button on the eXen card. Once the Xbox turns on, immediately press the white button next to the red button. When the blank screen comes up, press the button 3 times and then click on firmware Once that is done, turn off Xbox and remove the USB. Now plug the.

You had your Xbox 360 for a few years now and your game collection is pretty extensive. Maybe it not that extensive, but it still substantial. Now imagine that you live in Europe and you moving to the United States. I don know why maybe your dad got a job offer. Don ask me, ask your parents. They the ones that are making you move. Anyways, as most Xbox users know, games are coded by region. Games that work in Europe might not work in the United States. Does this mean you should throw away your entire collection and start over?

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