Knitted dishcloths are a hit these days - not only because knitting is getting more and more popular, but because they do not pollute the environment, leaving plastic behind as do most microfiber cloths.
Aspegren Denmarks knitted dishcloths are very useful in your daily kitchen work and will spice up your kitchen with their lovely colours and designs. As something new, we also have waffle woven dishcloths in the most beautiful colours and high quality.
Aspegren Denmarks collection of dishcloths are all made from 100% cotton and produced in the same high quality that Aspegren Denmark is specially known for.
To complete the look, we also have knitted towels in the same designs and colours as the dishcloths and the same high quality.

This is a great idea for a present for all people caring for our environment and our world!

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