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Jun 23rd

Crown lands for sale on Burke Mountain

The province is offering for sale 236 hectares (584 acres) of undeveloped Crown land on Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain.

In light of this offering, the city has issued a press release to make potential purchasers aware of the community planning policies contained in its Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP), Northeast Coquitlam Area Plan (NECAP) and the supporting neighbourhood plans that pertain to these lands.

The majority of Group 1 is located in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan (PNCP), with small portions situated in the Smiling Creek Neighbourhood Plan (SCNP) and the future Northwest Burke Vision area. About
fake ray bans a quarter of this property group is primarily located outside the PCNP and SCNP areas and is identified as environmentally sensitive due to watercourses and very steep slopes (more than 36 per cent), which will limit development potential.

Group 2
cheap ray bans is located north of the Upper
discount ray bans Hyde Creek and Smiling Creek Neighbourhood Plan areas, and within the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy Urban Containment Boundary. Group 2 also contains areas with very steep slopes as well as a number of watercourses as identified in the city’s CWOCP.

The majority of Group 3 lands are outside the Metro Vancouver Urban Containment Boundary and, as a result, have no urban development potential at
replica ray bans this time under the city’s CWOCP. These lands are either designated environmentally sensitive or for rural residential and resource uses.Articles Connexes: