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Jun 22nd

Media Musings Blog Archive Journalists behaving badly

It been codes of conduct at ten paces. The critic castigated. The pontificator pwned." Jonathan Holmes on Media Watch this week. Image: screenshot, Media Watch, ABC TV.

The ABC and News Limited have been battling for more than a year over this episode of Media Watch, featuring this story
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Media Watchaccused Clennell of breaking the News Limited code of conduct by writing a one sided story based on thisa Clubs Australia press release about pokie machine spending limits for theDaily Telegraph.

Clennell said he actually had spoken to government, and that ifMedia Watchhad bothered to call him, he have told them so.

It a
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses great irony Media Watchfails to canvass the other side of a story about failing to canvass the other side of a story.

Simple, right? Acknowledge the stuff up and
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Instead, like spoiled schoolchildren, they dragged it
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In his complaint to the ACMA, Clennell went all out, calling Media Watch and Jonathan Holmes hypocritical, malevolent, and calling the ABC response to his letter of complaint a like reinterpretation of their own code of conduct.

Media Watch hasn been much better, making the sort of half apology it would condemn other journalists for. Jonathan Holmes said sorry, sure but then went on to
cheap oakleys lay out all the reasons whyMedia Watch shouldn be subject to the particular clause of the ABC code that ACMA judged them by.

There a long held grudge betweenMedia Watch and the fondly named Daily Terrorgraph.

Stuart Littlemore takes an unsubtle dig at Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman back in 1997. Image: brentnewtown, YouTube

But that no excuse for the two biggest news organisations in
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They were
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale both wrong. Andrew Clennell andDaily Telegraph should have been careful to publish both points of view on pokie machines. Jonathan Holmes and Media Watch should have called Clennell for comment, or at least responded better to his complaint to the ABC.

If journos from our two biggest, most powerful media organisations are this stubborn when they both wrong, what hope does a member of the public have?Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: