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Jun 22nd

Bishop Bernard Jordan
fake cheap oakleys And His Prophetic Ministry

What is prophetic ministry? In essence it is basically using God’s gift to see for others how to best serve the Lord. Prophetic ministry is part of God’s creative realm that enables
cheap oakleys His prophets to speak for Him.

What does a prophet do with prophetic ministry? First a prophet prays that God will enlighten them to say the correct words to help the person they are ministering to. The Holy Spirit then directs the prophet through prophetic ministry to encourage the prophet to somehow edify, comfort or encourage that person. This is why it is called prophetic ministry, because it is receiving the Word of God and passing it on to others for their edification.

Prophetic ministry is the power to hear the Lord, and prophetic ministry is the power to bring the Lord’s message to the people. You see, one must hear first, and then one may prophesize.

Believing and knowing are two different things in this life. Prophetic ministry lets us
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fake cheap oakley sunglasses that, we know God’s word is true, we know that God speaks through us, and we know that God has a need to impart something special to
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We all know that Bishop Bernard Jordan is a modern day prophet who is head of the Prophetic Ministry of the world renowned Zoe Ministries. We also know that he is a prophet hailed to be an astounding prophet, distinguished among other prophets such as Edgar Cayce, Bishop Pike, and of course Nostradamus. Bishop Bernard Jordan’s predictions encompass global as well as individual prophetic ministry.
cheap oakleys For instance his predictions will give times, dates and exact names of his predicted events. Often his prophetic ministry includes specific location descriptions. It goes so far above information, for it is said that he can produce miracles and even thwart events simply by the use of the power of speech!

Interestingly enough a true prophetic ministry is supposed
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses to be unconcerned with men’s opinions with regard to them, however if they do not fight to keep their ministry from defamation, how are people supposed to hear the words of God intended for them? Thus reasonable service to God means that those in prophetic ministry who need to spread the Word of God need to engage in battle to those who create misunderstanding, rejection and mockery.

Thus prophetic ministry often times goes beyond deliverance, and the soul’s restoration and healing, but it becomes a beacon of light for others to follow who wish to bring back God to the people. Beryl Wolk once said: "A coincidence is God’s way
fake oakley wholesale of staying anonymous, prophetic ministry can uncover those instances and direct you in how to deal with them"Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: